Integration in Human Performance

Part 1

spiritual and physical integration in standing

reality 1

Reality is the result of various invisible energies coming together in time and space, in the physical dimension. We inhabit the physical dimension in human form, and unfortunately the overdeveloped intellect becomes rigidly attached to it, and insistent that it is the only dimension that truly exists. The visible has become the be-all-and-end-all of modern life for a large majority of us, and that majority has the loudest voice steeped in reason and logic, and often heavily laced with fear and guilt.

Permanence has become mandatory in human life: we crave it desperately and fear its disintegration. This craving and fear often deprives us of the unadulterated pleasure of vibration and resonance and pitch, and the divine way they are combined to create unforgettable music.

It is this realization that sound, like food, is concrete, which can liberate us. We cannot truly interpret it in our physical form even though the tendencies of the intellect are to assume we can. Neither can hold on to it, pin it down, possess it. But on the other hand, it may pin us down and posses us, because the combination of resonance and pitch and rhythm match our own physiology and energy constellation. The energy expressed by a sound or pattern of sounds is simply a mirror reflection of us, because we are energy in the same way. When this moment occurs, tears stream or pulse rates increase because we recognize ourselves, our energy body, in the sounds.

When we perform musical pieces, or when we utter any intentional sounds from the body, it is important to remain aware that we are contributing to the vast bank of the sounds of the universe, which are eternal and utterly indestructible. This has been referred to as the ‘Music of the Spheres’ by various civilisations in different eras.

music of the speres

Sound is infinite and indestructible, so we have a responsibility to make beautiful positive sounds, which will help to balance our troubled planet. As a crude example, if we complain endlessly with a discontented even bitter intonation, then that negative energy will remain somewhere in the universe. But often the mind elbows past this truth and instead distracts us with egocentric thoughts, with concerns about either how others will critisize or envy us, how we will be classified, or at the other extreme, leads us to be ignorant of the importance of what we are doing. In each case, these distracting ‘thoughts’ are blocking the open channel which connects us with our divine or spiritual origins, with the invisible world.

Redirecting the use of one’s mind away from these distractions is so important to open up the channel again, and keep it open. It is our true nature at the centre of the onion, which we need to connect with – peeling back the layers of tough tasteless conditioning and expectations until we find our real centre. So, first, accept that your true nature needs locating and tuning up, polishing until it sparkles, and then that you possess all you need in your physiology and anatomy, and the unique arrangement of your energies, to be the perfect conduit for sound.


Redirect your attention in readiness to perform in the following way:

While standing, visualize your spine as the central core of your physical being. It is your axis to keep you upright and grounded in the gravitational field. You/you and your instrument must negotiate this field efficiently in order to have optimal dexterity and resonance.

emotional anatomy 1 There are two ways to view yourself as you prepare to perform;

first, as a masterpiece of physiology and anatomy – muscles, bones, joints, ligaments and tendons, operated by fluids and pumps;

and secondly, as a constellation of different kinds of energies and DNA, a spiritual being, a concrete gathering of energies. These concentrations of energy are well illustrated by the ancient Indian system of chakra, or 6 wheels of energy situated along the axis of the body. They are at the base of the spine, slightly above and behind the navel, at the heart, the throat, between the eyes, and at the very top of the head or crown.

emotional anatomy 2

The spinal bones, arranged one on top of the other, form a protective covering for the precious spinal chord which is the centre of the nervous system; the energy wheels correspond to intense foci of energy at the 6 chakra points connected to the spine. As you stand visualizing, affirm strongly that you are a being in two different ways: first, physically and second, energically. Now you need to integrate these two models in your mind so that both systems are enhanced by the attention of your mind.

3-step physical directions: uniqueness 1

Ask your body and mind politely to comply with your directions, as follows. You can either close your eyes lightly or keep them open, whichever is most comfortable.

Step 1

  1. “Mind, please shift up to the top joint of my spine at a point just above the ears, and then proceed in a straight line vertically from that place to the crown of my head, which is a site of intense and special energy. In my mind, send this energy up into the blue sky, beyond any clouds that are passing by, up towards the sun. Remember that humans get energy in the form of light and heat from the sun and moon just like plants and animals do. So, without doing anything, without consciously stretching or moving in any way, I can visualise or see with my inner eyes. The crown of my head is attracted irresistibly towards the sun or moon.’

And breathe a little more deeply than usual, enjoying this sensation and being grateful for the life-giving energy of the sun. We sentient beings could not survive without it. hakuchoza

Pause to truly experience this positive feeling and to say thank you. Take as long as you need.

Step 2

  1. ‘Mind, please shift down the length of the tower of my spine, passing all the chakras or energy pools, to the bottom of the spine. Its smallest bones are located here; they are the only remains of our tails in the evolutionary stage when we were animals, but they are mostly redundant now. However, they are a good focal point to give my directions to. So, I must encourage my tail bones to point downwards towards the earth. The base chakra is located in this area, so I connect this energy into the earth. It is like plugging myself into the earth’s current, and appreciating that I am part of the earth, without which I could not exist. also. Plants put down their tap roots deep into the earth, and I can do the same. I can see my tap root as the continuation of my spine, down into the earth where my being is nurtured by soil and moisture. As I give and follow these instructions, I feel my feet making closer and wider contact with the earth or floor I am standing on. To avoid locking my knees when I stand, I must bounce slightly and feel a softness behind my knees. This will help my feet to increase their contact surface area with the earth.’

And breathe a little more deeply than usual, enjoying this sensation and being grateful for the life-giving energy of the earth. We sentient beings could not survive without it.

self-knowledge 3

Pause to truly experience this positive feeling and to say thank you. Take as long as you need.

 Step 3

  1. ‘Mind, please now travel up and down the length of my spinal column: up to the crown and the warmth and light provided by the sun, and down to the tail bones, and the nutrients and moisture provided by the earth. As I move, I notice the chakras at the crown, between the eyes, at the throat, the heart, the navel and the tail bones. Notice that with this kind of inner attention, the awareness of my spine, its location, small changes that are occurring, increases, and I feel more grounded, stable, and at the same time taller, lengthened. If my eyes have been closed, now I will gently open them, and if not, I will close my inner eyes and open my physical eyes now. I look around, freely moving my neck, and I notice that my visual sense is keener and my view clearer.’ reflections of each other

And breathe a little more deeply than usual, enjoying this sensation and being grateful for the life-giving energy of the sun, the earth, and your mind and spirit, which allow you to experience these pleasant and illuminating sensations.

Something to ponder on as you go back into your daily life:

All that composes this beautiful unique universe we inhabit, exists only because we can perceive it with the laser of our mind. It has no independent existence. It is our unique view which no-one else can access, so we can use it as the source of our being.

Please practise these 3 steps as often as you can until they become second nature to you.

Part 2: spiritual and physical integration in sitting

breath and love


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