Living in the Field


mantrasHuman minds each create their unique view of the world. We look outside through our custom-made cameras, and consequently have a strong sense of the difference between inside and outside. This dualistic mode, this inside-outside way of being, is reflected in how we live. We mostly spend our lives in comfortable and convenient shelters, designed to keep nature out, which separate us away from the universe, from our origin.

We exist behind screens: walls, roofs, lenses, TV screens, masks; and filters: concepts, classifications, culture, religions, age and gender. We are inside creatures, with secrets and secular or sacreddiverse behaviours, often used irresponsibly to get our way. We are mask and costume wearers, often seeking approval and power. We are skilled actors continually separating ourselves from our actions, blaming anything and anyone when things go wrong, and taking all the credit when things succeed. Our arrogance is ironically born of our dependence, but fostered by the social-economic systems designed to keep control of vast numbers of people, giving us no choice but to suppress our true unique nature.

We have a tendency to hide things inside, in the darkness, but this darkness inside, this separateness, is an illusion. And why do we need to hide anything, to modify, to interpret incoming information to our own liking? Is it impossible for us to stand in the fast-flowing reality 2stream of existence and let it pass through us exactly as it is? Can we resist blocking our true nature, clinging to things that we like, rejecting those we do not? There are no selections in the field reality, no whims, no separation. If the wind blows hard or the waves pound on the beach, we, our energy, our true nature, also blows hard and pounds.

Our societies, our communities, have largely chosen this inside life behind screens and filters. We prefer to stay inside and speculate on or observe the weather than to open the door and go outside to feel it directly. Developed people make their exit from the interior life of the womb, and then grow into the womb they create with their intellects, within their communities, within cultures and societies and age-groups, and so on. Always inside, insulated from the universal field of all existence, all awareness.

Indigenous peoples in traditional life live according to the rules of the great Mother Nature, following her patterns, listening carefully to how to preserve all life, how to achieve balance the Djangbetween humans and the natural world. When they are transplanted into modern life, they start to deteriorate, living inside concrete away from the Sky and the Earth, without the sweet air of the desert or ocean, and eventually die. Following is a diatribe given by a native Australian tribal leader Ninija about of the importance of living close to Nature. It is addressed to white Australian settlers, in general, referred to as lumaluma. (translation: money-money)

‘Why your friends expect me live in tin house lumaluma? i never live inside like you where i not see Sky. Never inside, where i not breathe in nothing but poison , of roof, or window, or door. Inside where i not become dark holding hand of Sun when she ready to sleep. No! Inside your dog box (prefabricated accommodation provided on reservations) i dark soon i through door, soon as i inside!’

‘you tell me “open window, “open door,” “step outside for a moment.” “Take it e-e-e-e-e-sy,”‘ (mimicking white people) you silky voice smooth like you metal. Straight like corner and roof and square you draw with magic wood. Tight. Biting me like crazy Dingo.’

‘Desert life full of round and curvy. Inside, ninija hot when it cool outside. ninija cool it hot outside. Inside! it change what like outside! If Father Earth hot, ninija hot. Earth cool, ninija cool. ninija not different like lumaluma inside walls, where you hide from you people. ninija stay in cool air, hot air, with all people and Lands. we not separate, not private, not different. we one big Ocean of living.’* (1)

using visuals

But there are so many ways we modern people can step outside our intellects, our unnatural separate existences, into the field of existence that native peoples inhabit naturally. Of course, meditation and spiritual/religious training are the obvious and most effective ways, but there are ways to rejig our thoughts dictating the way we act in the world. One example is to reflect on the human body.

The human skin is a relatively thin membrane, a sack to hold the equipment that allows us to function. Another way of thinking about it is as a miraculous container for our unique energy. We can see it as either an impermeable barrier, keeping the outside out and the skininside in, keeping us discrete or separate, or as a permeable membrane letting out toxins and letting in nutrients. We can also consider it a barometer to detect the invisible world, the feelings and sensations we cannot see.

In the ancient Indian world, it was said that we have 84,000 pores in our skin and that we can receive the Dharma, the essence of all energy, through each of them. There is in fact very little that separates our insides from our outsides. Out in the field, there is no distinction between the visible and the invisible; it is all one infinite cosmic awareness we can plug into if we stay outside always.

We are prone to think in a very dualistic way about the breath too. Magically and unbidden, cropped-breath-and-love.jpgwithout our doing anything, o and not a reality, an absolute, then the concept of ‘my breath’ implies a separation from the very source of life. The universe provides precious oxygen to sustain our lives, and beings have the remarkable ability to clean out unwanted toxins endangering our well-being and survival.

Breath is something all sentient beings share with the five elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Wind and Water. Air abounds out in the field of existence, but it belongs to no one. It is a substantial constituent of our universal awareness in both the visible and the invisible world. However, many of us seal ourselves inside with emissions from unnatural materials like plastic and electrical appliances, air-conditioning. We may even add to this the deliberate inhalation of poisons from burning tobacco, all without opening a window or door.

The human body is approximately 60% water all provided by the Universe. Light and warmth from the sun allow us to thrive and live, create cleansing fire to promote growth in the plant world the energy and power of the Universe. We can imagine it like a gigantic ocean we all gravityswim around in. Many of us cannot see this ocean of energy, but we can all feel it on a daily basis. In our interactions, we swim more closely with some beings than others because our energy is required there, and we use it in certain ways than others because it is needed; yet we can also feel love for those we have never met personally. All these feelings are invisible, brought about in the field of awareness.

Living as beings in the field on planet Earth is made possible by the magnetic force of gravity, which we mostly take for granted. With awareness and a few simple techniques, we can harmonize with this force to create excellent balance and free, effortless movement. This magnetic force pushes up from the core of the Earth to allow us to keep our feet on the Earth, and down from the heavens to give us control in the vertical plane. If we can cultivate a wide awareness while supported by this miraculous field, allowing the tidal force of life to go through us, then we will find new joy and freedom. We can flow out into the sea of pure awareness 1 love, the essence of our beings.

Awareness? We may mistake it for concentration, but concentration is a fixed state that we can be taught to develop in order to pass exams, to succeed in prescribed ways, and so on. However, it is an inert state, a by-product of thought and belief: whereas It is alive and much more akin to the qualities of energy – pulsing, vibrant, all-encompassing, in oneness. Awareness allows us to be ready to catch anything, and so we can easily intensify and enhance our humanity.

Viewing our being as a unique constellation of energy temporarily taking a tenancy in a body, can make us truly independent. We become free from attachment, from clinging, from owning and consuming, or from controlling, and so there is never any sense of loss or bereavement. ‘Experience’ is valued by modern people, seen as a kind of wisdom, but it is so awareness 6limited to time and the linear, and then subject to the filters and blocks we apply, to our inside-outside view. It is incomparable with unconditional and concept-free quality of awareness. Once ‘experience’ is acknowledged, labeled, it disappears; it is only a concept in the field, not the reality of the experience. It is a dead thing like thought – apprehended, obscured or blocked by language, always in the past. Energy or awareness is constantly moving if we are balanced, but stuck if we are out of balance: it is not subject to the laws of ‘time’ and ‘space’ or ‘experience.’ There are no conditions, no filters, out in the field.

Ninija is one with the Great Mother Nature and the desert way of seeing.

 ‘She sees out into the world with a gentle gaze or sharp focus when required, but she does not see with her mind the way white-fella does. She does not see with continual comment either outside or inside. Neither does she see in categories, for, in the Lands (the Dreaming wilderness) every creature, plant, person is unique, remains uninfluenced, is not conscripted to join the vast shoals of society.

Her eye is still. It breathes. She sees deep into the centre of rocks and the deepest part of the deepest pools, into the infinity of the Sky and the centre of the vast world of Spirits. And she can see inside and outside in the same moment, turning herself inside out. Balanced. Generous. Insightful.’ * (2)


awareness 5


* extracted from Easy-Happy-Sexy: on the Twelfth Day by Linden Thorp, Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co. (1) pp4-5; (2) p213








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