Making images :

Images are not reality!

Nirvana Linden


We are actually taught to make images to symbolise or represent almost everything – for remembering, for recognising, to navigate, and so on, and we excel at it. This aptitude to bring to bear rich imaginations and wide vision in our daily lives is one of the things that differentiates us from animals and plants. But actually, this often becomes an abstract route to creating our exclusive way of seeing the world.  It literally forces us to identify, to stamp ‘me’ and ‘mine’ on the mind moment, and if we are not mindful we may become attached to such images, mistaking them for reality.  
This temptation to ‘identify’ with the images we constantly create is our major test as humans – our conditioning and DNA (countless ancestors who have lived distant to the sacred) leads us to etch a clear line between reality and the imaginary, to make a…

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