Soul Management: words are not reality

Your Lands, Stories and Songs

There are three ways of being in the world

for humans:

1.  using the intellect and rational analysis,

which entails rejecting or accepting,

refuting or applauding,

attacking of defending.

2. using feelings and emotions –

in sympathy or not, accepting or rejecting,

positive or negative, analytical or condemning.

3.  using your whole being:

becoming one with the entirely unknown

with complete trust and acceptance.

The first creates a duality – the subject and object;

the second also creates a duality – the feelings

and the feeler;

but the third is a complete unity of reality,

a surrender into the whole.

Which way are you? Find out more……………..

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Soul Management: the raft

Your Lands, Stories and Songs

wild-raging-himalayan-river-torrent-manali-india-12210944It is dusk, the light faint. Imagine you have to cross a torrential river with white water and dangerous currents. There are no bridges to just walk across, so you decide to build a raft, to assemble rough wood together to make a waterproof and buoyant vessel to get you across. You believe in your raft to get you to safety on the other shore because the shore you are waiting on is full of dangers – forest fire spreading rapidly, dangerous animals and poisonous insects and snakes, an army of hunters wanting to kill you and steal all your worldly possessions.

You construct your vessel and in fear and trembling you get on with your single oar and plunge into the rapids and currents among the treacherous rocks. It is touch and go for a while: you almost capsize, you lose all your luggage and you are thrown against…

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Soul Management: you are spirit

Your Lands, Stories and Songs

There are so many moments in our lives

when invisible forces are at work,

but we ignore them because we cannot

analyze or explain them logically,

and this naturally creates fear and

the tendency to hide.  

One major invisible phenomenon is

our feelings and emotions.  

They are invisible and yet we experience them,

we register them.  Fragrances, tastes, winds,

a throbbing heart, and so many other essential

parts of our lives are also invisible, intangible.

They are impermanent, transient,

and yet so important to us.

We may try to pin them down in permanence,

or we may block and suppress them because

they are too painful. But we can cut ourselves

away from identifying them as an expression

of ‘self’ because ‘self’ is only a construct for

the intellect to make use of.

It also is invisible, a ‘delusion.’ 

The universe is…

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Soul Management: Lock up the archives!

Your Lands, Stories and Songs


Your are a camera. You are a compulsive archivist.

See it. Save it as proof. Classify it. Validate it.

But there are other ways to use your miraculous

powers as a being of light ……..

You can create a sacred space with it which is

pure and exclusively positive.

It is a scared mandala of reality

suffused with goodness and light

in which there are no beginnings and

no ends.

A fear may grip you round the throat.

A regret may pull you down and sap

your energy.

Loss may haunt and cause you to lose

part of yourself along with it.

You madly snap pictures of these unbidden

images and feelings, then file them away

in the dusty stacks of your archives

to look up later and dwell on.

But if you put away your camera

and lock up the archives,

you will be able to activate your

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Soul Management: goodness

Your Lands, Stories and Songs


Materials, possessions, appropriations,

membership, rivals, ambition, boundaries,

nationalisms, differences………….

These are ulterior motives, ulterior agendas.

They are the bywords of life in the world of

form which are repeated internally,

consciously or allowed to drone away

in the unconscious. They are built into our

conditioning and education

but they are a fabrication,

a conspiratorial dream we are forced

to participate in if we want to find human success,

respect and approval from our social witnesses.


700 years ago a small group of Christian

mystics moved around Europe defying

the dominant Church of Rome and living

out the opposites of these bywords

in their lives. They had no church,

no fabric to ostentatiously display

their faith or liturgies with. Instead,

they found secluded meeting places

in mountain passes and forests to

listen to those where were ready

to receive their final blessings.

They had no possessions,

needing little to live simply,

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Chunda: the beginning of liberation for all without discrimination

Nirvana Linden


2600 years ago, under twin Sala trees among all the dignitaries and enlightened monks gathered to say farewell to the Buddha Shakyamuni, there was a deeply devoted lay follower named Chunda. He was the son of a blacksmith from the nearby area of Kushinagara castle who came to pay his respects to the Buddha, bringing with him 15 of his friends.

To show his devotion, he had discarded his daily clothes and put on a simple robe, bearing his right shoulder in the traditional way of monastics, kneeling on his right knee and bowing at the feet of the Buddha. He then made a speech confidently and sincerely, which was to change the future course of Buddhism.

In essence, he begged the Buddha to accept the simple offerings of homemade food he and his friends had brought. All the distinguished members of the congregation had…

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The gods walked among us

Blow on your divine spark to rekindle it!

Your Lands, Stories and Songs

Once, we needed no intermediaries

such as priests and shamans,

gurus and masters,

to connect us to the mystical or

invisible world.

Once, there were no temples,

mosques or churches,

no rituals or prayers because 

the sacred was running through our veins,

present in every moment of everyday life.

We were the original indestructible


Once, we were all highly spiritually evolved,

the visible and the invisible were one,

and gods and buddhas walked among us.

We lived in full awe of the universe and

cherished the essence of love and light

we had been entrusted to bring into the visual world.

Each human has the potential to be that

god or buddha, that master or guru once again.  

We can rekindle that awe of the planet and

cherishing of our special mission to convey

love and light in every moment of our

human appearance.

Blow gently…

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Words and ideas dropping away

Nirvana Linden

A young fair-headed child looks softly into a mirror. She wonders at her pale skin and iceberg eyes, becoming involved in intimately experiencing herself directly, the eye seeing exclusively. She is certain that there is no imaginingat all.

Each slow blink of her long lashes reveals a different person there in the large mirror surface: male, female, young, elderly, of many different complexions – a compendium of karmic identities. And someone photographs this procession of reflections obsessively from behind her, flash bulbs sizzling, the shutter rasping.

Then, as the rapid flick of images stops, from the side, dark elegant hands offer white robes of fine cotton to decorate the smooth skin of this mirror child. The child accepts them, slowly raising them towards her nose to absorb the scents of “jasmine” and “Japanese cedar,” names which she repeats to ensure that sensing is exclusive, then letting the…

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Human animals at our peak, but…..

Our sacred mission of love and light.

Your Lands, Stories and Songs

Science tells us that the human species is at its 

peak physically;

it is a fact that we have evolved to our optimum level….

…but our spiritual evolution is badly retarded because

we have turned our backs on the natural world,

our animal origins,

and replaced it with a synthetic reality,

using only 10 % of our potential……

….that we have arrogantly turned away from

the embodiment of love and light,

from Christian ‘grace,’ or Buddhist ‘emptiness,’

or Hindu ‘moksha,‘ and countless other versions

of all that is good and enlightened…..

….and that instead we invest all our energy

in the visible, the intellectual, in consumerism,

wasting our precious human life on shopping,

possessing, status and reputation,

and other meaningless pursuits……

in being separate!

All we need to do is take a moment to be grateful.

To feel the privilege of every

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