Touch Your Heart Daily Meditation: the Good, the Perfect

Your Lands, Stories and Songs


The Cathars, known also as The Good or Perfect Men and Women, were a sect of mystical Christians working secretly in western Europe to liberate all beings. They were accused as heretics by the Roman Church because they did not believe in the physical Jesus Christ born in a stable in Bethlehem, but instead a spiritual all-knowing divinity.  

Eventually, they fled to the hilltop fortresses in Languedoc-Roussillion where they were exterminated by Christian soldiers! Or were they? Like the Holy Grail thought to be secreted in the same region and still undiscovered, their mysterious lives of service to all beings were mostly unknown, undocumented. But they predicted a Cathar revival in the 20th century, 850 years later, when the world would truly need their good and spiritual view of human existence.

Their creed was left for us people who have gradually moved into the bright electric lights of…

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