The Woman in the Fifth: the erotic is a message from our true nature

The erotic – a message from our true nature.

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The erotic burns images into our soul.

Or does it simply mirror them? 

This happens at an unexpected moment when an image, word or sound ignites a deep feeling completely out of the blue. It takes us by utter surprise, the body reacts without the mind’s interference, and we just know it is a pure and ancient event. It is like falling in love with a stranger or recognizing our life-partner or a relationship from another lifetime or dimension. It is a moment when real sincerity burgeons and we make contact with ourselves outside the restrictions of social structure and norm, beyond all the layers. This is our true nature. 

It is feminine, yielding, at peace naturally. It is sad and shocking that in a developed 

world dominated by masculinity and competition the erotic has become enmeshed with sex and pornography, the materialism…

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