Episode 3: sacred and secular

True Nature: our supreme inheritance

ballerina-44877252EPISODE 2 SUMMARY: the sacred and how it is part of supreme inheritance; awe and the power of the universe; life before mass media hen sacred was the only way of life; the urge to consecrate; unconditional acceptance; love has become a commodity, separate from human beings; humans must embody love – it is their essence, their TRUE NATURE;  dazzling gem stone hidden inside us plus the coursing energy of love and light.

First, definitions:  

Secular – the world as opposed to the church or generation/age. It has many other meanings such as – in astronomy, the slow changes in the movements of planets, the sun or moon; in economics, a fluctuation or trend in the economy which is indefinite; but the main meaning today is ‘not being bound by religious laws or connected in any way to spiritual or religious matters.’

Sacred – connected with God or a…

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