Soul Management: the raft

Your Lands, Stories and Songs

wild-raging-himalayan-river-torrent-manali-india-12210944It is dusk, the light faint. Imagine you have to cross a torrential river with white water and dangerous currents. There are no bridges to just walk across, so you decide to build a raft, to assemble rough wood together to make a waterproof and buoyant vessel to get you across. You believe in your raft to get you to safety on the other shore because the shore you are waiting on is full of dangers – forest fire spreading rapidly, dangerous animals and poisonous insects and snakes, an army of hunters wanting to kill you and steal all your worldly possessions.

You construct your vessel and in fear and trembling you get on with your single oar and plunge into the rapids and currents among the treacherous rocks. It is touch and go for a while: you almost capsize, you lose all your luggage and you are thrown against…

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