Soul Management: echo

Oneness is our true nature! Be one whenever you can.

Soul Management

If we listen from the heart with our whole being,

putting aside the intellectual view and

emotions which make us separate

from what we are listening to,

we have a chance to become

one with the universe;

a few moments for the ‘self’

and all interferences to vanish.

This is a chance to go home to the

still silence of our divine origins. 

We may be moved to use words

to respond to what we can hear,

or to try to share our experience of

amalgamation in the whole.

Words are only indicators,

like a finger pointing at the moon,

but we can respond to what we hear

like a valley responds with echoes

to a human cry, or an iceberg

to a whisper through its gaps.

We can echo our experience without either

judgement or preference,

without influencing or disturbing anyone

like a…

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