Episode 4: After the death of a spiritual leader?

True Nature: our supreme inheritance

statue-of-buddha-in-the-waterSummary of Episode 3:  Secular and Sacred: definitions; the secular overtook the sacred; before we were pure minded, close to the gods; spiritual training is essential to get back there; organized religion; True Nature; layer upon layer of interpretation; large urban societies; social incongruences; 4 visionaries incognito; weakening of human aspirations; abdication; membership; fierce competition.

What happens after a great spiritual leader dies?  How do people proceed and how can they avoid becoming attached to rituals, memories, and the raft of what they have learned? How can they apply their intense spiritual training to real life on their own terms? How can they avoid relinquishing their True Nature and just obey, follow?  And how can you embody your own unique nature if you become so dependent on your guru?

Surely you will become dull, able only to chant mantras or mutter prayers and confessions. In other words, you are…

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