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This site represents my departure from out and out conscious acts of dependence within my control. I refer to shameful dependence on creeds created by others, on belief systems set up by others, and on blindly, or perhaps selfishly, following other beings. At the same time, I fully acknowledge the laws of cause and effect and so my total dependence on all the conditions and beings which make my existence possible, e.g. the human race, the universe and all her forces of nature, both the visible and the invisible worlds, ad infinitum, outside my control.

Dependence? Of course, in a modern world of diversity and pluralism, there are many temporary supports and techniques we need to guide us back to our true nature of spirituality and compassion, to our unconditionally pure origins of love. Today, we can freely avail ourselves of such support, but the danger is that we become dependent on them, or attached to them as we do to most things, material and immaterial, in our lives as we search for permanence and status. Creeds, manifestos, teachings, initiations, attaining spiritual rank, and so on, are merely a means to an end.

We can liken this to sitting in a chair. Of course, we can lean our spines against its vertical supports, but if we continue to do that, we will eventually be unable to support ourselves without the chair. It is important to sit without support, to allow the spine to work as it was designed to, to be independent. The chair can relieve our tiredness or the effects of illness, but it is our unique spine, the centre of our nervous system, that has a specific mission to execute in human life.

After many years of spiritual training, I have come to feel that our human lives are strongly rooted in dependencies and conditions, and that this leads to the tendency of making distinctions of many kinds between ourselves and other human beings, and indeed all sentient beings and even the natural world, relentlessly. We social beings have become professional and paranoid judges and critics, par excellence. We never rest until we have ruthlessly made pronouncements and classified the events of each waking moment.

Modern societies and communities are built on this model, so it is inescapable unless we retreat to live as hermits. Abiding by such conditions, even paying into them, means that we constantly, many times during each day, separate ourselves away from others, ‘I’ and ‘you,’ ‘we’ and ‘them,’ ‘like’ and ‘dislike,’ ‘accept’ and ‘do not accept,’ ‘him’ and ‘her,’ and so on. These distinctions are ingrained in the structure of our languages.

I have deliberately affiliated myself with many different groups during my life, so separating myself off, and committing small but repeated acts of violence. It goes without saying that this was not done consciously but mistakenly out of a desire for harmony and a manufactured feeling of love of my fellow beings, of fitting in, belonging, and then encouraging others to want to belong. I have secreted myself away from my personal reality in this way. I can see my ignorance and arrogance now, my exhibitionism in wanting to be part of a group expressly in order to be different, better, more enlightened than others, and in so doing excluding others. If I had been truly one with all sentient beings like Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Kukai, and many other spiritual leaders, I would not have allowed myself to ever be separate.

The imperialism of group members is shocking, but not unexpected. They are compelled not to accept other teachings, other guidance, even not to associate with others unless they are converted to their sect. It is illogical that such dramatic separatism can be beneficial to the human race as a whole. These divisions, this secretism and exclusion, are surely primitive, delusional. Religious wars and factions are an enduring presence today. Even pacifist Buddhists are fighting for their lineage rights, desperately trying to preserve their Dharma current, to maintain purity while excluding so many, while jockeying to position themselves in the leagues of the most tolerant, the most wise, the most elevated.

The originator of these teachings, the Buddha, the awakened one, proclaimed that we should live our lives like humming birds, creating as little disturbance as possible. Another modern-day Buddha, Jiddu Krishnamurti, said, ‘One has to be a light to oneself; this light is the law. There is no other law. All the other laws are made by thought and so are fragmentary and contradictory.’ A 1st century AD mystical Christian, Sylvanus, said, ‘Knock upon yourself as upon a door, and walk upon yourself as on a straight road. For if you walk on that path, you cannot go astray; and when you knock on that door, what you open for yourself shall open.’

Unfortunately, due to the narrowness of unenlightened temporal leaders, we are born into the world and then immediately classified into certain nuclear families, social classes or castes, certain disposition types and legacy blueprints inherited from our ancestors, of certain gender, economic and educational background, and more. But if we blink an eye in passing at the wonders human anatomy, cock an impartial ear at the music created by humans, touch, even by accident, natural human loving propensities and preferences for all that represents goodness, and so on, we can see that we are all of the same species, and that there is an indestructible link between us – i.e. our divine spark, our divine origin, our creation from a vast reservoir of love and goodness. So, why the divisions, the sorting, except to contain, to control, and to engender hierarchies so that power, wealth and kudos can be taken by the administrators and the wealthy.

The modern world is like a coin minted from massive societies, plural and diverse in nature, fortified by high technology and status systems, essentially acquisitive and consumerist, proud of its achievements made in the name of progress and civilisation. The reverse side of the coin shows the deficits and shortfalls in terms of wisdom, compassion, respect for each other, our environment and our individual divinity. It has become peopled by masked individuals who excel at towing the line, playing the game or not, the mediocre singled out to lead who are either subjected to adulation or defamation, placed in the limelight or expelled from it, whimsically.

In such enormous social groups, holding systems are essential at many levels: bureaucratic, educational, health, intelligence/aptitudes, moral and ethical, religious, cultural and ethnic, and so on, which all depend mostly on human judgments. Humans are required to stand in line and to display appropriate badges or don masks if we want to fit in and be accepted by others. So, it is common that we repress our true sparkling nature or our darker urges and physical needs, and give up on living sincerely, on being completely honest.

Children are usually honest before they become entangled in the web of manners and expectations; they embarrass the adults around them with their spontaneous candour, they are envied for their joyful energy, their bodily ease and flexibility, their innocence. I want to live as mature a child, with joy and flexibility, with honesty and spontaneity. Adults are mostly creatures of fear, accepting, or not, that their lives must be lived according to the expectations of others.

There must be order, and if there is not, then there will be and is war, anarchy, and general unrest. But if we had the courage to write our own books, compose our own symphonies, find true happiness for ourselves, then surely human life would flourish and we could all be completely equal. With a set of moral and ethical rules in place to preserve life and equality, and with a universal commitment to live in one heart, as one glorious collection of formless, indestructible and unique energies, manifest as homo erectus for a finite time, we can be ourselves, live by our true nature.

I am certain that my true nature is intrinsically good, that I naturally care for and respect others equally, but that I must not constantly repress my true nature, I must not doze dutifully for one second during this finite time inhabiting this body. My spirit has form, has anatomy and is sustained by oxygen and nourishment, exactly so that I can bring about a personal revolution now as I write these words, not some other time when I’ve ‘practised’ or when I am good enough. I am good enough right now.

If there was one creed that fits these parameters of real human freedom composed in relatively modern times, it is the one written by the Cathar, a medieval sect of mystical Christians. They named themselves the ‘Church of Love.’ Let me summarise:

  • no fabric only understanding
  • no membership, only those who know they belong
  • no rivals because there is no competition
  • no boundaries because nationalisms are unloving
  • not of itself because it seeks to enrich all groups and religions
  • no exclusion of any teacher of any age which has shown the truth of love
  • no special practices except to embody the truth of love
  • no walk of life is a barrier
  • nothing but a sense of silent knowing
  • no teachings, simply being, and by being, enriching by example
  • no differences between the ways we are, because we in human form are the one way
  • no separation from the planet which we are part of
  • no conscious ego keeping us apart from the whole – whole race, whole planet. whole existence
  • no loud proclamations but subtle intimations of love
  • no withholding of praise and admiration for those who have died for this loving cause
  • no hierarchy or structure
  • no words only loving deeds, loving eyes, and unconditionally loving embrace
  • nothing but silent dedication to neighbours, environment, and planet while carrying out their task or mission, no matter how exalted or humble.
  • nothing but the supremacy of love and great creations to accomplish it
  • no reward ever except the pure joy of sincere being and loving
  • no ceasing of listening to others and the planet
  • no fear, no shame, no ceasing to being a witness
  • no secrets, no ancient dictums, no initiation
  • nothing but a full commitment to changing ourselves so that the world can change

Indigenous peoples also live by this kind of approach. Australian aboriginals living in traditional style in the Lands, are not separate or apart from Mother Nature in any way. They are assigned a totem when they are born, and then spend all of their days managing that species to ensure it prospers. They have no thoughts, no synthetic realities as we do because they do not use the intellect in the same way as we urbanites do. They do not make concepts, which put them in a position where they interpret the world in their own way.

They live according to Nature and the Tribal Laws which are informed by spiritual principles. In fact, they are totally in love with death, and long for their glorious death ceremony often lasting for 12 days. They know, not believe, that when the time comes for their spirit to shed its physical body, it is a time of great rejoicing because their human lessons have been learned and they can go on travelling into other dimensions to eventually be united with their Creation heroes who gave them form. This way of living is freedom from the thinking mind, from thought, which dies immediately it is born.

The medieval Cathar lived in a similar way, in balance with the invisible world, longing for the thin veil of death to be lifted so they could return to God. All their energies were spent in administering the Consolamentum, a ritual blessing to absolve them of all sins, to as many people as they could so that they also could be reunited in the invisible world. They believed that death was indeed a thin veil which may be lifted at any moment, signifying that they had learned their human lessons and loved each other and God sufficiently.

As the subtitle for this site, ‘going beyond all dualities’ implies, Oneness or Otherness, is the driving force behind it. For me, after considerable spiritual training, both conscious and unconscious/cultural, I have reached the stage in my life when I want to live as a Cathar or Indigene, no longer committing tiny acts of violence and separation.

The wide river of my life rolls on ever to the great ocean of all existence, unstoppable, strong. There may be disturbances along the banks, occasional storms which cause turbulence and temporary blockages, but like all rivers, I will eventually reach the great ocean of the invisible world. My reality is this relentless onward flow, my totem is wide river, and I can never turn back or away ever again. By refusing to be separate or separated from anyone or anything, I can find complete equilibrium and lasting happiness.


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