Visible: Invisible


This series of articles ventures into two worlds which, on face value, would seem to be the opposite of each other – the visible – what we can see; and the invisible – what we cannot see.


1: Spirit Made Flesh

2: Our True Fragrance

3: Ancestral Heroes

4: Scent of the Divine

article 1:

IMG_20140731_0005 IMG_20140731_0006 IMG_20140731_0007 IMG_20140731_0008


article 2:

IMG_20140731_0010 IMG_20140731_0011




article 3:

IMG_20141116_0001 IMG_20141116_0002 IMG_20141116_0003 IMG_20141116_0004 IMG_20141116_0005 IMG_20141116_0006

article 4

IMG_20141213_0001 IMG_20141213_0002 IMG_20141213_0003 IMG_20141213_0004 IMG_20141213_0005

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